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We designed the Fabeaulous Feet Pedicure System in Canada, to address the Senseless Cutting of Clients with Blades, Scrapers or any of the other Just Get It Done dangerous tools, and mostly the Repetitive Motion Injuries suffered by Estheticians and other Foot Care Technicians from the task of performing pedicure services after a number of seasons. (Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis and Carpal Tunnel). 
Now they can perform this repetitive work gently with the Fabeaulous Feet Electric File Pedicure System. 
All this and the Fact that Fabeaulous Feet provides the client with the most baby soft feet after a relaxing pedicure experience is what has made us the most desired pedicure system in this business.

Our mission has always been to build a safe comfortable pedicure system that will address RMI injuries with: Ease of use, 100%  sterilization requirement, No trauma suffered by either Technician or Client, No possibility of cutting a client as in the case of using blades or such dangerous tools designed for Medical Doctors, all with total comfort satisfaction throughout the pedicure service. Our Medical Grade Stainless Steel Fabeaulous Tip and each client Disposable Fabeaulous Dermabrasion Discs is our answer. Now Work Gently, everyone just relax and enjoy.

OurFabeaulous Feet Disposable Pedicure System was designed by people working in the pedicure profession for people working in the pedicure profession, everything from the size of our Dermabrasion Discs to the comfort grip of our Electric File, designed by working people to best serve the Technician performing this normally repetitive exhausting task of callus reduction. REMOVE Disposable Dermabrasion Discs will easily deal with the worst callus conditions, and the POLISH Disposable Dermabrasion Discs will soften and smooth your feet way beyond your memory. EVERYONE EVERYTIME! Our final results are always the same, deep cracks will of course have to be healed out over time, use quality foot creams containing Urea and Glycerin and avoid mineral oil products. 

OH!  My God, My feet have never been this smooth and soft, I honestly can say that I can never remember my feet ever being this soft and smooth, absolutely fabeaulous, the sensation I feel during the callus reduction service feels like a relaxing massage, I can just relax, I don’t feel the sensation to try to assist the service technician during this procedure, the technician works easily so I just relax and enjoy. Win Win Win .

The service Technician can now safely perform these back to back services repetitively without fatigue or suffering any physical trauma.

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