Am I doing something wrong, sometimes while I am working the Electric File will slow down or even stop?

Yes, you are applying too much pressure this model is equipped with technology that if it senses too much resistance will automatically drop to low speed, this is designed to protect your client and this Electric File from possible harm, if this happens push the top button of the front grip to resume to the speed you were working and gently glide over the surface using RPM to do the work.
Please work gently.

What make the Fabeaulous Feet System different from others?

This tool is built for professionals, Medical Grade Stainless Steel, Disposable Dermabrasion Discs for each client, light and powerful, nimble design for smaller hands, flat surface instead of a barrel shape, covers larger area VS the barrel shape that touches a small area being  more likely to burn the client.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, thru UPS.

What is the Fabeaulous Stainless Steel Tip?

The Fabeaulous Feet System uses a specially designed "tip" or drill bit that has a rounded flat surface and fits into a 1/8" collet of any nail drill. The self adhesive revolving discs adhere onto the tip and are disposable, making clean up easy and sanitary. These disposable discs fit around and in between the toes and will remove calluses and polish feet to perfection. SAFE FOR DIABETICS.

Is it easy to use, do I require training?

Yes, we provide basic videos to show how simple this procedure is. Basically use No Pressure and gently glide the spinning disc over the surface of the foot.

Is this Fabeaulous Electric File model cordless?

No, however it comes with a 3.5 meter power cord.

What is the difference between the two kinds of discs?

The Blue Disc is called REMOVE and it is designed to deal with heavy callus and difficult skin.
The Pinkish Disc is called POLISH and it is the final step, it will easily polish the whole foot surface.
Note: Some feet don’t require the REMOVE Blue Disc and need only the POLISH Pinkish disc to perform their pedicure service.

How often do I have to change the discs?

As we pointed out before, these are disposable dermabrasion discs, disposed after every client.

Can we re-use the Dermabrasion Discs?

No. As in the same case as most non- stainless steel hand files these are too porous to clean properly, so use only 1 disc of each disc per client and dispose of them.

How do I apply the discs to the Stainless part?

Our Fabeaulous Feet Dermabrasion Discs are self-sticking, you simply peel off and discard after each client.

What makes the Tri-Ball a better cuticle reduction tool?

The practice of pushing back on the cuticle and nipping off can cause damage to the root of the nail and can open the body to possible infection also tends to develop future hang nails. The Tri-Ball Accessory in the Mini E-File is a gentle way to reduce cuticle quickly right at the surface with no damage to the root of the nail and not opening the body to infection , also less likely to develop into hangnails.

How do you clean the Tri-Balls?

Scrub with soap and water and soak in hospital grade sterilant as you do with all your other stainless steel implements.

What exactly is the Pedi-Cone for and does it fit in the Electric File?

The Pedi-Cone accessory is a detail tool to get into hard reach places like the base of the toes it has a 3/32” shaft and fits in the Mini E-File and any other nail files on the market that use this size, most do.

What is the button at the front on the top of the Files ?

The lock buttons on both the Fabeaulous Electric and Mini E-Files are the lock mechanism to remove and install the accessories, DO NOT TOUCH THESE BUTTONS WHEN THESE MACHINES ARE IN OPERATION, DAMAGE WILL OCCUR.

Can you go too far removing callus?

Yes and No, we sell to trained professionals, in your training you were taught what can be done and what cannot be done, this tool just makes your job easier and with its flat surface it is easy to determine how far the callus reduction has gone, as always  you are the guide.

What is the MagniVac Vacumm Lamp?

The Fabeaulous LED MagniVac Lamp is a vacuum to collect the air borne dust created by any electric filing system, the filters are easy to change and wash, the LED lights are bright so you can have your client resting in a less bright environment and easily see the surface of the feet.
Two magnifiers make detail work easy 3x and 8x.

Do you sell smaller packages than 300 of the Discs?

No, however you can always contact one of the Distributors and make an inquiry.

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Thanks so much for the improvement to the electric file. I have been waiting for this. I had the old one and loved it. As far as I and my clients are concerned it is the best file system ever.  The smoothness lasts far longer than any other and it’s half the work. Thanks again,

Judy Pentland from Good Hair Days.